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1980s Costumes - Give Glam Rock a Revival! 

Rubik’s Cubes, big hair, iconic music and cell phones as big as microwave ovens. What wasn’t totally awesome in the 1980s? Sure, you can still find the odd Rubik’s cube in novelty stores, and go back to this decade with your favourite nostalgic music, but it’s just not the same. 

So, we want to help you celebrate the wild and vibrant decade that was the 1980’s with an exclusive line of costumes based on the best decade ever! Shop our range, and buy one outfit or stock up on all of your favourites. Whatever you choose, you’ll be a smash at your next Halloween party!

Relive the 1980’s with Jokers Costume Mega Shop

If you’re looking for 80s costume ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve brought together outfits and styles that made the 80s so memorable. All of our men’s costumes from classic movies like Top Gun and Baywatch are here. Become your favourite hair metal singer, or bring back those lively aerobics outfits and get ready to Jazzercise! 

For the ladies, get ready to relive those wild outfits and bright, neon colours as you dress as party girls, pop stars, Baywatch babes, and movie icons like Top Gun and Flashdance. Browse through our massive collection of vintage 80s outfits and find the perfect pieces to pull together your ultimate 80s look! 

For a more fun outfit, go as a classic Rubik’s Cube or Hip Hop star! You’re sure to bring the party to life when you step through the doors and put on this fun and unique costume. Pick your favourite party gear and immerse yourself in the decade that is too glamorous and outrageous to die. We even have couples costumes so you and your partner can crash the party together! 

Transport Yourself to the Greatest Decade

Whether you’re a party host or a party-goer, you’ll need an exclusive place to buy your 1980s costumes - somewhere you can come back to time and time again. The 1980s gave us dozens of fun and bright styles, and Jokers Costume Mega Store has everything you need. 

We make it easy for our customers to find their favourite 1980s-inspired looks. The kiddos can get in on the action too! They hear you talking about how awesome this decade was, and they can have a blast discovering what they’ve been missing with our 1980s boys and girls costumes. They may not totally get it, but we’ll help them get into the spirit that brought this music-filled decade to life! We even have outfits for your pets!

Whether you’d like to visit our brick-and-mortar location or shop online and have us ship your 1980s costume to you, we give you the convenience of both options. Our shipping options make it quick and easy to get your new costumes shipped straight to your door anywhere in Australia, well in time for the bash. 

If you want more options, be sure to browse our online shop! The 1980s have never looked more glamorous than they do when you can show the decade’s best styles off in a beautifully tailored costume. No matter if you want the perfect accessories to pull your new costume together, or you want a whole new outfit, Jokers Costume Mega Store has it ready to go. 

Shop Jokers Costume Mega Store for 1980s Costumes Today! 

While it may not be possible to travel back in time to revisit one of the best decades ever, we can offer you a blast from the past with our 1980s costumes. Find your parachute pants, tease your hair, dig out your favourite cassette tapes and start the party today!