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    Harry Potter Costumes - Inspire Magic!

    Admit it. You’ve picked up a wand-shaped object, pointed it, flicked your wrist and cried, “Wingardium Leviosa!” Every Harry Potter fan has desperately searched for a little spark of magic. If you’re happy with how you look in a black robe, and you've eagerly awaited each year for that Hogwarts acceptance letter, you’re a serious Harry Potter fan. But, we’re tired of waiting for that owl, so we’re going to help you create your version of Hogwarts!

    We’re bringing Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with us, and we’re ready to send you an invitation. We don’t have Platform 9 ¾ or the Hogwarts Express, but we can supply you with all of the magical Harry Potter costumes and accessories you could ever need. 

    Experience the Magic of Harry Potter 

    Our exclusive collection of Harry Potter costumes and accessories will get you in the spirit to conjure a Patronus and try out for the Quidditch team. Gather everyone together for a magical night and marathon all of the Harry Potter movies while in costume! 

    Shade your eyes with one of our Sorting Hats and team up with other wizards in your house to track down Confoundables. Or, join with Lord Voldemort’s evil brigade of Death Eaters and chase power.  It’s time to experience the magic that the wizarding world holds, and Jokers Mega Costume Shop will take you there! 

    Are you a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? 

    Choose Your House in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

    Our outfits come in all four house colours so you can proudly proclaim to the world which of the four Hogwarts houses you belong to. No matter if you’re a cunning Slytherin, brave Gryffindor, bright Ravenclaw or loyal Hufflepuff, you’ll find scarves, school outfits and enough robes to get you ready for class. 

    We have men’s and women’s Harry Potter costumes available. No matter if you want floor-sweeping robes that billow as you walk or a fearsome Death Eater costume complete with a mask, you’ll find the perfect fit at Jokers Costume Mega Store. You can even be Voldemort himself and lead your Death Eaters on a crusade against the Light, or a Dementor. 

    No Harry Potter costume would be complete without your wand! We have an exclusive collection of accessories that will help make your costume feel more magical. We’ll supply the wands, but you have to bring the magic! House banners, brooms, hats, and more, we have everything you need to put the Hogwarts parties to shame. 

    Jokers Costume Mega Store Has Your Harry Potter Costumes 

    Whether you’re a first-year, who is brand new to magic or you battled it out and survived the Wizarding War, you’ll need a place to stock up on your robes and Harry Potter costumes year after year. Loyalties change and houses divide, but Jokers Costume Mega Store has everything you need to keep the magic alive. 

    We make it quick and easy for all of our customers to find their new Harry Potter costumes! We have a brick-and-mortar store that has a vast collection of costumes and accessories, including boysgirls and even pet costumes. 

    If you want to come and pick your Harry Potter costume up in person, stop by! Or we can ship your costume to you anywhere in Australia. Since we have shipping options available, you’ll get your costume in time for your next Halloween party, Comic-Con, book reading or party. For a larger collection, browse our online shop! It doesn’t matter if you want a few accessories or an entire costume, you’ll find it with our stock. 

    Shop Jokers Costume Mega Store for Harry Potter Costumes Today! 

    Don’t wait for your Hogwarts letter another day! Pick out your Harry Potter costume and proclaim your house loyalties! We invite you to stop by our Brisbane shop, browse online or reach out with questions!